Thursday, December 4, 2008

The Fog Monster

The FOG MONSTER ate the city. Ha ha, that's what we used to tell the kids when they were little. They would look out the window on foggy days like today and ask "Where's the city?". I would always tell them the FOG MONSTER ate it. Sometimes, it was a convieneint excuse as to why the tooth fairy failed to show up. "Oh, she couldnt find our house 'cause it was foggy last night, but I'm pretty sure she'll come tonight"Ha ha.
This is our view this morning.

It is VERY foggy still and it is about 10 am. Usually it clears by now.
You can barely see the neighbors houses. Somewhere some toothless kid is asking why didnt the tooth fairy come last night. Well kid, the FOG MONSTER ate her. hahaha
Yesterday was Christian's birthday. Happy Birthday. Dylan brought home a piece of the cake that Brianna made for him. It tasted so good. Look it is a In N Out Burger cake. She is so talented. I have to go and get my hair done. It looks like crap now. I am hoping it wont in a couple hours. I will let you know.


Kayla said...

I'm so confused. "A convenient excuse".....I don't understand! WHY IS THIS HAPPENING! You killed the tooth fair?

colleenk said...

What is a tooth fair. Is that where you go to pick out new teeth from rows of tooth booths?

Kayla said...