Sunday, December 21, 2008

Kayla's weekend

Kayla got to the airport early Friday in Bozeman for her 5 o'clock flight. Jon brought her there and when it was close to the flight time he left and she went through security. It was close to 8pm when she realized she was not leaving Bozeman on Friday. She moved out of the dorms and turned in the key so she was basically homeless. Luckily, Jon picked her up and she spent the night at his mom's house. (thanks)
She was told to come back Sat. for a noon flight and got there again a couple hours early. They told her she was lucky to have a boarding pass for the flight and only got it because she was there Friday. Well, that flight was cancelled, the next one was delayed and she finally got on a plane and left Bozeman at about 8pm. When she arrived in Salt Lake City, the connecting flight to Burbank had already left. There were no other flights into Burbank, L.A. or anywhere else.
The lady at the counter said the hotels that they had vouchers for were full and that she was on her own. When Kayla asked her what she should do, she told her "you are welcome to stay here". Thanks. Kayla found a hotel, took the shuttle bus and needed to be back at the airport at 6am today. Luckily she got on the flight and arrived safely here today.

Delta was quite unsympathetic, unavailable or just rude through the entire process. It wasn't only because of the weather too, as one of the flights was cancelled because of mechanical problems. They did give her a voucher for food about 30 hours into the ordeal. It was for 7 dollars.
Oh, but the guy at security in the Bozeman airport was nice and drew a duck on her boarding pass??? It says quack.

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Nancy Weeks said...

You're right! Delta stinks!