Saturday, December 13, 2008

O Tannenbaum

O Tannenbaum O Tannenbaum how lovely are your branches.
Very lovely, thank you. We finished putting up the tree. I tried keeping track of how many ornaments. I counted 268, but we didn't put Kayla's ornaments on yet. All the Dodger ornaments will have to wait for her to get home.
And here are my top 3 ornaments of the day....
I just like this one because he is so happy and snowy and he is torturing the dog. No just kidding.I like this one but I don't remember it's origin. I think Shawn sent her to me a few years back. Or I bought 2 and maybe sent one to Shawn. Or I bought this for Shawn and decided to keep it myself. All seem reasonable. Shawn, have you ever seen this angel before?

And this one I love. Dylan made this in First Grade. Kayla made one too but it is not on the tree yet. Soon. Soon.


Kayla said...

What's "Tannenbaum"? Christmas tree? Well, a beautiful tree it is. :-) You've outdone yourself!

About the dog..."just kidding"...but seriously. I know how you love to torture wee little animals!

I think Uncle Shawn should be able to marry that ornament if he wanted to....

Hey! You lost my snowman, just say it.

colleenk said...

And by the way ...I think that Tannenbaum is german for tree.
I think that I do not TORTURE wee little animals unless they are weeing where they are not supposed to be weeing. I think Uncle Shawn should stick up for himself. And I think ya I might have lost your ornament but I will blame you cause it is probably in your messy room. Don't you have homework to do??

Kayla said...

Hey. Save me a piece of that corn!