Sunday, December 21, 2008

My Brain Update

Why is it that every Christmas my brain turns to mush? Yesterday, I went to the mall with Bailey, parked a mile away, went into Macy's and then realized that I left my wallet at home.
Good thing Macy's didn't have what I was looking for anyway. So I drove home got my wallet and phone and drove to the Macy's in the valley. Traffic was backed up for over a mile going into the parking lot and it took about 20 more minutes to park about a mile away. Good thing I was with a cross country runner who wouldn't dream of complaining about the distance. Macy's did have what I was looking for though so it was a little Christmas miracle : ).

Today I went shopping with Kayla and drove to KOHL'S (just because I had an extra 30% off coupon) and parked about a mile away, got in the store, shopped, then realized I didn't have the coupon. We were gonna buy the stuff anyway until we saw the line wrapped around the store and back to the shoe department. So, mom and dad, a couple gifts will be late as usual this year. I am going to try to shop Monday and hope some of those people will go to work or somewhere else.
I drove by this house again and thought it funny that the people next door are trying to sell their house. I wonder why? Last week when it rained their were tarps all over. hahaha Good luck with that! They do this for Halloween and Easter too. Wouldn't everyone want to live next door to that? Poor neighbor.

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