Monday, December 15, 2008


A local realtor sent out a newsletter to everyone in the area. It said Santa would be at the gazebo on Placid Court on Saturday. Last week, when I read it, I thought "hmmm I didnt know there was another court with a gazebo, hmmm". Then I tossed the paper.

Carly, Hunter and Ally came over to make the Senior gifts for the banquet this Thursday, and when Hunter came in she said someone was setting up a table by the gazebo. It was the realtor so I went out and told her that her paper said Placid, not Peaceful. She had to drive to Placid and put up a note saying to go to Peaceful Ct. (there is no gazebo on Placid)

The girls refused to sit on Santa's lap but were happy to pose for pictures.
Notice the sweaters Bailey and Hunter are wearing. I Christmased them up a bit. They are going to a party at Hanna's and needed "holiday sweaters".
Here is the front of the sweater. I bought it at WalMart for 9$. I bought another shirt that had a reindeer with a light-up nose, but was size 2xx, so I cut it out and ironed it on this one. Went to Michaels and Joannes for the fur, trims, bells, and felt snowflake stickers.OK, I was gonna show you the back, but as I was uploading the picture, my laptop computer crashed and now only has a black screen. Wish me luck in getting it going again.

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Kayla said...

Sheesh, Bailey- it's SANTA CLAUS, not Hannibal.

Cool sweater, Mommy :-)

Wait a sec...did you move to placid court and not tell me?!

Anyway, I'm off to the tooth fair...catch ya lata