Friday, December 19, 2008

No More Monkeys Skating in the House

Last weekend, I took these pictures of Bailey and Hunter rollerblading together. Literally together. Since there were only one pair of skates available, they shared by each wearing one skate and tying their legs together in the middle. They had a LOT of fun as you can see by their faces in the pictures.

Since Bailey got her skates in August she has skated mostly in the house. She said she doesn't know exactly how to stop so she doesn't want to go outside.

But then a couple days later I heard a shriek from the living room. I yelled "are you OK?".Bailey was, but the wall was not. She fell and kicked a hole in the wall.

She came to me near tears and promised to never skate in the house again. I told her it was OK and I was glad she didn't hurt herself. But she had to tell Chris.

We were both surprised when he told her to take back her promise. It was just an accident. He liked seeing her have fun. That is what houses are for, living in and having fun in.
So the monkeys CAN still skate in the house.

The damage.....(now we can teach her how to patch holes)
But it will have to wait till after Christmas. Our "Mr. Shawn the Monkey Man"* has a new place to stand and a new job hiding the hole until we get to Home Depot for supplies.
(that's really his name Shawn)
I did make make a new rule though. If you are skating in the house, you MUST wear your helmet!

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