Monday, November 3, 2008

Wet Hair to New Color Hair

I wasnt going to put this picture up here but Kayla has been anxiously awaiting veiwing Bailey in her Halloween princess costume. So here it is wet hair and all.
Weak I know. Sorry Bailey.
Here is Dylan and Christian as Jabawockees.

Dylan showing how thrilled he is that I am taking his picture.And here is my picture at the race on Friday...note the new color of the hair. I did it myself. Coach walked by, gave me a fist pound and said "new hair, cool". He was the only one to notice. Or maybe everyone else thinks it looks like crap and didnt want to say so??


Kayla said...

Mom and Bailey= "hotties" (remember when Bailey wrote that on her folder? hahaha)

Dylan and Christian= unable-to-marry-eachother homos

I really like your hair better dark although you look great no matter what. It doesn't "look like crap"!

Psh. Hardly "weak". It's awesome! You obviously worked hard on that dress, it shows.

colleenk said...

Kayla are you being sooo nice because its your birthday Friday and you think you'll get better or more gifts??? Well, I already shipped your package so you can stop that nonsense right now. I miss your razor edged sarcasm...

You must think Dylan is not sending you anything too. (you are correct)

Kayla said...

You didn't catch the sarcasm?