Friday, November 7, 2008

Happy Birthday Kayla

Happy Birthday !
Happy Birthday to Kayla!!!

I cant believe my baby is 19 years old today. It stinks that she is in Montana and not here so we could celebrate with her. I would bake her a cake and we would eat her favorite dinner. We would sing really loud and awful. And we would smile when she opened her very cool birthday presents. Well I am thankful for telephones at least and am looking forward to Thanksgiving when we will be able to give her that Birthday Hug. In the meantime, in celebration of her birthday here are a few photos that make me smile.

19 years ago.
18 years ago.
A true blue Dodger fan from the very beginning.
Kindergarten.True Beauty.

Happy Birthday Baby. I love you!


Kayla said...

I look like Schmiegal on the carousel....

Thank you, Mommy, I love you too. :-)

colleenk said...

Ha ha That Schmigal comment is so funny that I almost peed my pants. I am still rotfl. I DO see the resemblance...........I mean No honey. You look lovely and dont look at all like the creepy, naked, balding, murderous freak from that movie

colleenk said...

And you are adorable

Kayla said...

What's a rotfl.