Friday, November 21, 2008

Dylan Passed the Driving Test

Dylan passed the test with flying colors and is now in possession of his California Drivers License.

These pictures were before the test. I was asking bunches of questions like " where's the parking brake and do you know how to move the mirrors?". He knew everything of course and even showed me how to turn on the back window defroster. (which I didnt know)
He looks a little annoyed but he was just having fun.
His friends said to hope he got the guy tester instead of the lady because she is harder.
He got the lady. Ha ha.
15 minutes and 4 1/2 miles later he came back, smiled, and said he passed.
You could get up to 15 wrong and still pass but he didnt get any wrong. I wasnt suprised because I always thought he was a good driver. The lady at the desk was suprised though and said she never sees that lady give zero wrong and that Dylan must have been a REALLY good driver.
He went to a pasta party at Travis' house.
Right now he is driving.
By himself.
In the dark.
But I am ok with that.
I think.

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Kayla said...

At least he is not driving in the snow, haha. Go Dylan! Again...I'm so proud. This is getting old...haha, jk! Good job :-)