Sunday, November 30, 2008

I blinked and she's gone again!

There are teardrops on the keyboard. Sob Sob. Wail and more sobbing. Kayla was here and now she is back in Montana in the blink of a tear soaked eye. It was fun while it lasted. Her visit seamed much shorter now but I can console myself knowing she will come back in only 2 more weeks for Christmas. I can also console myself with a few chocolate chip cookies.
I got up this morning and was baking at 6am so she could have some fresh cookies to take home along with her pumpkin bread that I baked a couple days ago. They are yummy. I am consoled now. :-D
I am a little annoyed with myself because I didnt take many pictures while Kayla was here and vow to take bunches in 2 weeks. I did manage to get these as she was leaving.....>

So pretty.
I miss you already. Countdown begin.

P.S. (Hi Mary! Happy Thanksgiving to you all too! I made the cupcakes too. They were easy but you can see in the picture that I put the tailfeathers on one upside down! I saw them in the newspaper. You can get the recipe at and they have Christmas snowman cupcakes and cookies that I'd like to try to make with Bailey. )


Kayla said...

You didn't lie about the cookies- they are delicious! But I sure hope the keyboard's not soaked....ok, t. swift. Teardrops on my Keyboard- sounds like a grammy.

Anyway, thanks again for the goodies :-) I miss you too! The next stretch will go be even quicker. Because it's about a 6th of the time. The logic is flawless. I am America and so can you!

Anonymous said...

I feel your pain! John still lives here and I barely see for Jessey...(sigh)

Your mom was talking about those exact same cupcakes! She was going to bake them but ran out of time. When she mentioned them I went right to your blog and showed her the pictures!

Hey Kayla, glad you made it safe back to Montana!