Friday, November 14, 2008


I brought my camera when I picked up Dylan from school yesterday. I wanted to take pictures on First Street because the trees look so pretty. The trees dont usually change to the fall colors until Mid November here. I know in Michigan it is a lot earlier. End of Sept. or beginning of Oct.

The car was moving too fast but you get the fall feel...Here's Dylan in the driver's seat. He can get his license any day. I think his appointment is next Friday.And here is the view from the back left of the backyard. I thought you could see colorful trees better but it doesnt really show much.And here is Wrinkles. The cactus doesnt change much that I know of. Not that I check them seasonally or anything.It is 10pm here Friday night and I just picked up Dylan, Bailey and Brittany up from the Royal-Simi Football game. It was VERY crowded as usual. Royal beat Simi 24-0. Yay I guess.

But anyway, it is 83 degrees outstide. AT 10 OCLOCK! And very windy. There is a big fire in Santa Barbara that destroyed over 100 homes and part of a college (that Dylan played in a tournament at). Did I mention that I HATE the wind? Oh so it says on my computer that in Bozeman, it is 27 degrees. I hope you are inside and warm Kayla.

Tomorrow, we go to Mt. SAC again for State PreLims. It should be about 100. Fun. (not) Well now I am going to try to get some sleep if it is possible with everything outside blowing and banging around. Did I mention I hate the wind? I do. Goodnight.

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Kayla said...

Good night, Mommy! It's windy here, too....but I love the wind! Maybe I got that from Dad?

Anyway, beautiful pictures! Thanks for posting.

And stay cool!