Monday, November 10, 2008


Kayla reminded me today that I have been slacking in the blogging department. I have been busy. Very busy.

I tried to put about 500 more pictures onto my computer last week. (one of the cross country moms gave me a device with all her pictures she took of the team to look at before we turned them in to the guy that is making the year end video).

My computer got angry and said NO MORE.
Or something like "not enough disk space"

So I checked to see how many pictures that I have accumulated since I got this scrawny weak poor excuse for a computer in late 2004.

17,843. Yes Seventeen Thousand pictures.

I have been trying to delete them ever since.

There were several baseball pictures of everyone on the teams, several cheer pictures of everyone on the teams and several running pictures of everyone on the teams. I am in the process of deleting all those other kids first then all the blurry, dumb ones of our kids.
(as you've seen in previous posts, Dylan takes a lot of dumb pictures: like picking his nose ones and making faces)

But I have taken breaks to take more pictures. (maybe it is a disease)
Here are a few showing Dylan's excessive compulsive side.

His medals all hung in a row on his closet rod.His sunglasses all in a row.

His uniform folded neatly underneath his numbers from races.And here is his painting of Steve Prefontaine that he painted in the beginning painting class he took at Moorpark College this summer.Yes I think he is obsessed with running. He watches you-tube of Olympic races over and over and over. I think I should take more pictures. heehee

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Kayla said...

You are your son's mother!

haha, funny how that works.
Dylan will have to adjust his medal-wall after track season.