Monday, November 3, 2008

County Finals

County Finals at Lake Casitas
How many pictures are too much? Well I have a lot. Tell me if its too many!
Halloween Day, 80 degrees.
Dylan ran JV first at 12:30.

Dylan came in 7th place out of 173 guys. His time was 17.05.73. He got a medal. Here is proof for uncle Shawn the doubter.Here he is showing Bailey his medal.Chatting with the team afterwards.Here are Bailey and Hunter. Hunter was wearing freaky eye contacts for Halloween. There were a lot of kids in costume like Burger King.Bailey warming up.Ready.Bailey came in 35th out of over 100 something. It took several shots to get those fingers right. Several.Proof.And lastly Dylan picking his nose and otherwise acting gooflike with Billy and Toby. Toby is an exchange student from Germany. Dylan is teaching him all the American weirdness he can.Yea. Weird.

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Kayla said...

Ultimate proof that Dylan is, in fact, a gold-digger.

You can never have too many pictures...especially YOU can never have too many pictures haha how many are on your computer again? 49 million?

So how many shots did it take to get those fingers right? Several? or....several?

Wow, Bailey and Hunter do look a lot alike. Hunter should be so lucky!

That's an awesome picture of Dylan showing Bailey his medal....they look almost civil.