Sunday, November 16, 2008

CIF Prelims

It is still windy and a lot of fires are burning all around us but the air is not too bad here like it has been before. I guess the winds are blowing the smoke in other directions. It is supposed to be windy and hot till Tuesday. It is blowing the water right out of the pool.
Yesterday we drove to Mt. SAC for CIF Prelims. Dylan was picked as an alternate for the varsity team. He drove with the team. We drove with Bailey, Ally and Jessica. They came over a little early to make posters and paint their faces to show their support. (or just to have fun?)
Traffic was HORRIBLE because a lot of the freeways are shut down because of all of the fires.
We did get there barely in time to see the varsity girls run.

Dylan only had to run a couple miles warmup and another mile (for a workout). The firemarshals made them change the race from 3miles to only 2miles . It was about 90 degrees and because of all the fires in the state, they wouldnt have crews available to pick up passed out runners like at the last race. The air seemed to be pretty good there too though the planes kept going over our heads on the way to water drop.

Dylan hung out with Christian. He broke his foot and wasnt running and cant run for 10 weeks, which must have been very hard on him especially since Royal's boys came in FIRST place.

The girls team came in 6th place so they dont get to move on. They were dissapointed but I think they did really well just winning League and with having 2 of their top runners out with injuries. Next year will be even better.

Here is a picture of the sun. It looks pretty because of the fire and smoke always makes the sky red.
After the races we went out to eat and then brought the girls home. While waiting for Dylan to call I thought they went in the bathroom to wash OFF the facepaint, but NO. This is what I found.......

Wrinkles was not impressed.


Kayla said...

There's a mermaid in the pool! I've always wanted to meet Ariel! Good thing there's no scarecrows in the family....because they would be scared of the fire. get it?

Oh yeah. Dylan pees on the floor, Bailey. Mom thought you should know... :-D

Kayla said...

P.S. That's a beautiful picture of the sunset!