Wednesday, November 12, 2008

x-c pictures

That is X-C (cross country) pictures in case some perverts googled rated x pictures. If that is you then move along now and get some professional help please.

Now for the rest of you.. Bailey brought her pictures to me when she got in the car after school.
I brought her home then when Dylan called, I picked him up and brought him home.
I remembered the pictures and asked him where his were. "In the locker room"
You mean in your locker? "No, in front of my locker"
Grrrr. Back to school again.
Luckily they were still there and it was still opened.
So here they are. Bailey...
Buddy shot with Bri....And Dylan.....Worth the drive, I think. : )


Kayla said...

Oh, man. Bailey is a little beauty queen and Dylan looks like a total jock- what an all-American family! So pretty

Anonymous said...

Hey there!
I really liked Shawn's card. I think you better get it in the mail to him. Do you think they are talking about blood circulation, or circulation with the babes, as he likes to call them? (On our trip last year he educated Riley by calling all women babes. Stewardess babes, hiking babes, waitress babes, store clerk babes, etc. I was so grateful...)

The card you made for Kayla was very cool! I am afraid I have none of that talent!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY KAYLA, a little late!

Kayla said...

Thanks, Aunt Mary! :-)