Friday, November 28, 2008


I am thankful...

FOR MY FAMILY both near and far.
That Paul is such a good cook and the deep fat fried turkey was awesome.
oh and that I didnt have to clean the house .
(and lots more stuff but dont want to write it all)
Kayla came home Tuesday night. It is sooo good to see her after soooo long. We (Bailey, Kayla and I) went to the mall Wed. but nothing was on sale. My favorite pizza place there was closed so we ate at California Pizza Kitchen instead. (which I like but is too expensive)
Then we went back to the mall to eat at Souplantation to celebrate Chris' birthday.
Then we came home and ate these little babies....>

Thats what you get when your birthday is so close to Thanksgiving.

Make a wish and blow out your turkey candles. Notice Dylan in the background. He is an odd one.

Happy 53rd Birthday!Something's missing in this picture. O yes it is ME. oh well. At least Kayla's in it : )

Dylan made this face in every picture I took of him. Odd.And here is Bailey rollerblading in the house again.


Kayla said...

What a bunch of wierdos! Jk...but seriously.

I'm thankful to be home, too :-D

Anonymous said...

I am glad that Kayla is home for the holiday too! Great cupcakes...who made 'em?

I don't know any years or anything about those pictures, but they sure are great!